Munlai Community Tourism
A holistic, inclusive & sustainable community based tourism

Bangladesh is known for many things but never for the amazing hilly landscape and its colorful people of the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT). The lush green moderate hills, pleasant climate and the unique lifestyle of the indigenous people make it a unique experience to have, both for people from home and abroad. Despite the lack of proper infrastructure, the appeal of the people and the landscape and the lure of adventure, has already stirred the youth who are now travelling in thousands now. They go there to enjoy the sights but miss the opportunity to immerse in unique cultural lifestyle of the indigenous people and enriched their experience, as it has not been packaged in that form.

Munlai Para

Munlai Para is one of the cultural capitals of Bandarban hill district of CHT. Inhabited by the Bawm indigenous group, Munlai is endowed with rich natural and cultural attractions. It is also a gateway to Bandarban’s most iconic tourism destination – the Boga Lake that stretches till Keokaradong (the highest peak of Bangladesh).

Munlai is easily accessible both by land and river Sangu. Traditional house, nearby streams and orchards make the Para very pleasant and attractive destination. Of the 54 households in Munlai, majority of people engaged mostly in agriculture and hunting. Socially, the state of the community’s wellbeing is discouraging. In particular, the Bawm community of Munlai run behind several aspects such as livelihood opportunities, nutrition, education and healthcare. Climate change and globalization exerted additional pressures, affecting agriculture, lifestyles and their heritage. These compounding reasons are important contexts behind the development of minimum human and livelihood conditions.


The Munlai Community Tourism experience is designed entirely based on the lifestyle of the Bawms and the landscape surrounding Munlai Para. Through the homestay, indigenous culinary offerings, hikes in the hills and orchards, adventure activities (i.e. kayaking, zip lines, tree top activities etc.) and souvenirs, travellers are bound to take away a memorable experience from the Munlai. The plan is to attract not only individuals but families who will find fun and learning from this expedition.


There is no doubt that every traveller will have "community tourism" in mind while coming to Munlai Para but not at the cost of hygiene and comfort. The homestays offer an opportunity to experience comfort and hygiene wrapped in indigenous tradition. The operators are being trained on housekeeping, etiquette, guest relations and hospitality services.


Food is an important highlight of Munlai Para. From welcome drink to main cuisine, every food will speak of the Bawm culture, unique ingredients and its ethnic flavors. Traditional Bawm cuisines along with hill tract and mainland cuisines will be available to take the guests to unforgettable gastronomic journey.

The Activities

Travellers can engage in various outdoor activities alongside enjoying the scenic beauty of Munlai Para. Activities such as kayaking, trail-walking, hiking, birdwatching, guided tour, camping, star-gazing, treetop top challenges are developed not only to offer range of options to the travellers, but also provide income generating opportunities to diverse community member of Munlai.


These work as a memento of Munlai and will remind the traveller of wonderful time spent and experience gained. The community artisans will showcase and sell all the handicrafts that they produce.

Trekking trails & hiking

GPS based trekking trails are being designed and developed for offering the best scenic views and different adventure levels. Trained guides will accompany the travellers throughout the journey. Options will also be there to rent trekking gear.


Munlai offers excellent opportunity of kayaking to the adventure lovers both in the river Sangu and a number of streams neighboring the area. Kayaks from famous brand Hobie have already been commissioned. Trained operators help even the novices to get the full fun and excitement.

Campground and treetop activities

An entire area is being developed for camping where tents and other amenities will be present. Essential facilities like restrooms and drinking water will be provided.

Mountain biking

Mountain bikes are there in Munlai para for renting, with or without guides for exploring the surrounding trails. The trails offer excellent up-hill and down-hill experiences of different difficulty level. Maps, safety gear and other essentials will also be provided.

Bird-watching and star gazing

Gears as well as skilled persons are there to guide travellers to see some of the exciting birds living around Munlai. During the nights, the clear sky offers a breathtaking view of the night sky and stars.

Guided tour around the area

There are fruit gardens, plantations, streams, unique flora & fauna, Jum cultivation areas and many other things that one can spend days experiencing. The guides are trained to offer in-depth information and an excellent user experience to the travellers.

Cashew Nut Processing

Cashew nut grows in numbers in the neighboring gardens but the locals used to sell them as-is, resulting to a very low price. Both machines and trainings have been provided to enable people of Munlai an opportunity of value addition and to get a better price.

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